Star Trek

USS Excelsior


Unexpected Diversion

Posted on Sun Aug 25th, 2019 @ 11:31am by Captain Jason Hawk

Mission: The Sovereignty
Location: Ready Room, Deck 1

Turning the page on the old and delicate book, Jason sat back with his head resting against his seat back. it had been a year or so since he had read his favourite book, opting to enjoy it as a book rather than on a PADD or other device but with their long journey to the Epatha Gateway located in the Rayean Sector, he decided it was the perfect time to start again.

It would be another 17 days after the Excelsior arrived before the Gateway would open to the Gradin Belt, more than enough time for Jason to pickup his Senior Staff and the relay bouys he was delivering to the Ocampa System.

Taking his time to read every word, being careful not to summarise each sentence since he knew the story, Jason was interrupted with the lights dimming and the blaring of the alert klaxons "Captain Hawk to the bridge" came Ensign Meriza's call over the comm system. Jason had read in the latest download of intel reports from DS6 that a rogue faction of Klingons had been causing bother within their space but they were in the middle of Federation space, travelling through the Rayean Transit Corridor, he had no idea what would be causing the Red Alert condition now set out throughout his ship, not waiting any longer to find out, Jason rushed from his seat and burst onto the bridge.

"Report Ensign" he called before he was fully on the bridge, swiftly making his way to the centre chair.

Ensign Meriza, his most senior Ops officer until they arrived at the Epatha Gateway, turned in her chair looking rather confused. "We've received a distress call Captain, USS South Carolina with Admiral Thrace onboard"

Taking a moment to review his own readout on the command chair, Jason flicked through the text version of the distress call 'Klingons' he muttered to himself "ETA to the South Carolina?" Jason called out to no-one in particular with the crewman at comm being the most likely to know the answer "4 hours 15 minutes Captain, the Carolina is deep within the transit corridor". Jason stood and looked at the main view screen where his helmsman had displayed an overlay of the Rayean Transit Corridor, highlighted the Excelsior's position and that of the now in distress, South Carolina. "Meriza, any other ships in range?"

The young Bolian operations officer ran her hands franticly over the console in front of her "None Captain, we are the closest ship". Jason strode back to his seat, quickly calling up the intelligence reports he was reading this morning "Helm, set an course... best speed and engage"

The massive Sovereign Class ship, quickly dropped out of warp, turned 45o and jumped straight back to warp, heading for a course to assist the small Defiant Class starship.